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About the COVID-19 pandemic

Need travel certificates?


To all those who have internet access, please inform those who do not have it (or do not have a printer), that paper certificates (blank) in self-service in front of the town hall ( see photo =>).


These certificates will be replenished as and when they are consumed.

Note : The certificate and the supporting document will be valid with the containment control authorities ( the Ministry of the Interior ). The latter also specifies that no oral statement will be accepted, it is therefore mandatory to have this document on you for any trip.


For more details, and to download up-to-date documents, please consult the website of the Ministry of the Interior, listed below, or at the address: -of-the-Ministry / Travel-certificates

Virus barrier measures


To curb the coronavirus

1 - P REVENTION. Stay home

2 - M AINS. Wash them often

3 - C OUDE. Cough in it

4 - V ISAGE. Avoid touching it

5 - D ISTANCES. Keep them

We would like to remind you of the "barrier measures" recommended by the public health authorities:

  • Travel in a risk area is strongly discouraged, unless there is an imperative reason.

  • Protect your loved ones, postpone your visits to the elderly or frail.

  • greet without shaking hands,

  • do not practice hugs, hugs of greetings,

  • wash your hands very regularly,

  • cough or sneeze into his elbow,

  • use disposable tissues.

  • Do not share cutlery and glasses, cups, bottles or other objects that can be put in your mouth.

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