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Waste and recycling

Household waste

Who is in charge of our waste?

The Mixed Syndicate for the transport and treatment of household waste in Moselle-Est (Sydeme) was created in June 1998. It now brings together 14 inter-municipal authorities. Two communities in Bas-Rhin (Alsace) are also members of Sydeme. The latter brings together 298 municipalities and nearly 400,000 inhabitants, ie a production of some 160,000 tonnes of household waste per year.

The Sydeme's mission is:

  • Transportation,

  • The treatment,

  • Valuation,


household and similar waste, collected on its territory by the inter-municipal structures that constitute it. It is thus implementing a global waste management plan, in accordance with the Departmental Plan for the Elimination of Household and Similar Waste (PDEDMA) of Moselle. These local communities have come together with the aim of bringing together, in the medium term, a coherent and well-thought-out solution to the complex problem of managing their household waste.

The Sydeme created in July 2003 its own agency with legal personality and financial autonomy called Ecotri Moselle-Est. It operates the facilities and equipment set up by Sydeme, including the methanization center based in Morsbach.

The Sydeme now produces its own Multiflux bags in its clothing factory located in the technopole area of Forbach Sud.

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